Plans of Subdivision

A subdivision plan (also known as a Registered Plan or M-Plan) is required for the division/severances of lands. It creates the boundaries of the new lots, blocks, and roads etc.

M-plan (Registered in the Land Titles system) 
Registered Plan (RP) (Registered in Registry system)

Upon registration in the Land Registry Office, after appropriate approvals have been obtained, these plans subdivide property into two or more new parcels, units, or lots and set out the boundaries of these new lots for the first time. The approval process is governed by section 51 of the Planning Act RSO 1990 Ch. P.13 and includes consideration of where streets, parks and dwellings will be located. A registered plan of subdivision shows: the surveyed boundaries, numbering and dimensions of lots, the location, width and names of streets, and the sites of future schools and parks. These plans do not show specific building locations.

A plan of subdivision must be surveyed by a licensed Ontario Land Surveyor.