The following is a brief description of the different cadastral survey applictions we offer.  If you’re interested in a specific service or would like to request an estimate, please feel free to contact us for more information

Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR)
This is our most common request, as it pertains to buying and selling a property. SRPR is a plan done in a format to accommodate a real estate transaction. It consists of a plan of survey and a brief surveyor’s report about the property. SRPRs can include Reference Plans, Plans of Subdivision, Condominium Plans, Planof Survey, Site and Lot Grading Plans, and Topographic Surveys.
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Reference Plans (R-plans)
A reference plan illustrates the existing and proposed boundaries or limits of an easement or other interest in land. This plan is typically used for the division or description of existing or proposed lands/easements.
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Plan of Survey
This may refer to a reference plan or a plan such as a Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR), or other survey plans not deposited in the Land Registry Office.
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Site & Lot Grading Plan
A Site Grading Plan shows the location of the proposed house and the proposed grading of the site. It often shows the existing and proposed water, sanitary, and storm connections to the new house.
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Topographic Surveys
This plan illustrates the boundaries and the existing features of the property such as buildings fences, paved areas, trees, and grade elevations. This type of survey is typically used for the design of a new house and preparation of a site grading plan.
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Construction Survey
Construction surveys are a builder’s package for residential and commercial structures.
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Plans of Subdivision
M-plan (Registered in the Land Titles system)
Registered Plan (RP) (Registered in Registry system)
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Condominium Plans
A condominium plan illustrates the boundaries of the condominium development and individual condominium units. This plan is used to provide the legal description for the condominium development.
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